A jet overhead every 28 minutes?

A group of concerned citizens in Whatcom County, WA has started a grass roots effort to reduce commercial jet noise in our community This website- ReduceJetNoise.wordpress.com is an essential part of this grass roots effort.


An Airport Master Plan Update is currently underway at the Port of Bellingham.

Bellingham International Airport (BLI) is substantially increasing jet traffic
as quickly as they can, by enticing airlines with special offers.

Our community is already experiencing negative impacts from jet noise.

The proposed airport expansion negatively affects our property values, outdoor recreation, and  quality of life.

Check out our WHAT YOU CAN DO page.   We can make a difference!

Spread the word to your neighbors and friends!


Watch this 30 sec. video.- ‘Birds over Bellingham Bay’


     “The audio recording is an accurate representation of how loud it was that day, the cloud cover made it reverberate across a very wide area. I’ve wanted to make a better recording because my recorder was set to manual levels that day and I misjudged just how loud it was going to be, so as you can hear it is distorted at its higher end.

I grew up watching the Jetsons, I now feel I’m living in a space port here in Bellingham as I continually listen to the rumble of the jets. I feel real sadness towards our disappearing natural soundscape and harbor fond memories of a much quieter Puget Sound. And then we have the coal train that on a “good” day can be heard for an hour from down at Squalicum Harbor as it passes along the shoreline.

I grew up down in Fife Washington, a small beautiful agricultural town that has now transformed into a place I no longer recognize. Bellingham is headed down the same disturbing path. Thanks for your efforts to preserve some of what we naturally have.”

Best wishes,   Tom

                                                                                                                                           Join us! Add your name to our notification list: reduce.jet.noise@hotmail.com

Concerned Whatcom Residents Protecting our Community